The Programme

Monday 23rd September

9-13 Plenary Session:

  • Welcome
  • Introduction to the conference
  • Presentation of WHO Good Practice Guidance: promoting rights and recovery in mental health services
  • Good practice service presentations and discussion

14-17 Plenary Session

  • Good practice service presentations and discussion
  • Learning from these and their application elsewhere
  • Conclusions

Tuesday 24th September

09-13 Plenary Session

Whole system change: discussing the Trieste model and the implementation of an open door no restraint system

  • 24hrs Community Mental Health Centers: an operation manual or more?
  • Personal Health Budget: means for integration but in the hands of whom?
  • The experience of open door forensic units in the Region Friuli Venezia Giulia
  • The experience of Recovery House: recovery and empowerment pathways
  • Integrated gender approach

14-16 Plenary Session

  • The experience in Wales: Hywell Dda and Aneurin Bevan Health Boards
  • Los Angeles: “the Trieste Project”

14-16  WHO QUALITYRIGHT WORKING GROUPS (closed meetings)

  • Who Europe Qualityrights project

Inter-country project meeting – planning and review meeting with EURO country focal points to discuss next phase

  • WHO Service Guidance

Expert meeting to discuss WHO’s work on the Best Practice Guidance document and next steps

16-17.30  Plenary Session

 From Humanization to Deinstitutionalization

  • Qualityrights: country presentations and general discussion
  • Recommendations on the phasing out of psychiatric hospitals


Wednesday 25th September

9-13  Plenary Session

Countrywide and region-wide reforms:


  • No-restraint Open-door Units in Italy
  • Overcoming of Forensic Hospitals: the good practices of REMS


  • Czech Republic: the national strategy according to European MH Action Plan
  • Serbia: the national strategy of deinstitutionalization
  • Empowerment: the networks of stakeholders in Europe (Lille)


14-17  Parallel Sessions  

  1. Strengthening international cooperation for system reforms:  Latin America
  2. Strengthening international cooperation for system reforms: UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Palestine, Slovenia (GECT)
  3. The person’s say: programs and practices in whole life domains
  • The right to work
  • The right to health
  • The right to be equal in front of the law
  • The right to independent living and community participation


14-17  WHO QUALITYRIGHTS WORKING GROUP (closed meetings)

WHO Service Guidance / WHO Europe QualityRights – Market place for Innovation and Exchange


17-18  Plenary Session

Nikolas Rose: “Our Psychiatric Future



Thursday 26th September

  • Study visits to MH Services (on request- few places available): the Regional System, Microarea and Associations
  • International collaborations and specific group meetings