Here you can find all the materials of the international meeting/ In questa pagina potranno essere reperite tutte le dispense del convegno

1.  De-Institutionalisation and Community Living since 1980 

“As a result of the community mental health centres, deep changes have also occurred in the attitude of communities towards mental health issues.”

– Roberto Mezzina, Director, MH Dept / WHOCC of Trieste

2. Creating mental health services without exclusion or restraint but with open doors (Trieste, Italy)

information psychiatrique

– Roberto Mezzina, Director, MH Dept / WHOCC of Trieste

3.  Report of the Special Rapporteur on the right of everyone to  enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical  and mental health

Special Rapporteur report on mental health and human rights

–  general  assembly of United Nations

4.  Open Letter endorsing the Report of the United Nations Special  Rapporteur on the right of everyone to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health


– The British Psychological Society

5. The 3rd year report of the period 2014-2018 (Sept 2016- August 2017)
Activity 1- 20941 “To support WHO to promote mental health reform processes with focus on deinstitutionalization”

WHOCC Report_2016-2017



Some Bioethical issues about the care system of people affected by mental health diseases.

CNB Persone con malattie mentali

CNB – Comitato nazionale per la bioetica

7.  “Linee per la gestione del Servizio sanitario e sociosanitario regionale per l’anno 2017” di cui all’art. 12, comma 2 della LR 19.12.1996, n. 49. 

Guidelines for Regional Health and Community Health Management – 2017 

a) Testo integrale della Delibera n 2275-2016

b) delibera_1904_contenzione 

c) allegato_del_1904

Regione FVG 

8. “Psychiatry is presented as a discipline marked by violations of human rights, characterised by a reductionist approach, enslaved to the  pharmaceutical industry. Treatment with psychotropic medications is presented as useless if not harmful, ignoring the bulk of evidence on its effectiveness and undermining the efforts of all (mental) health workers and families to avoid treatment discontinuations, still representing the leading cause of relapses and (non-consensual) hospitalisations”

EPA letter to UNOHCHR_final (1)

European Psychiatric Association (EPA letter) to UNOHCHR

9. Who Quality Rights: transforming Mental Health Services

WHO QualityRights

Michelle Funk, Natalie Drew – Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse – World Health Organization – Geneva – Switzerland