Draft Programme

Thursday 21stJune – Hrs 9.00 – 18.00

Franca e Franco Basaglia Theatre – Simultaneous transaltion available


Law 180 and the enlargement of rights

Law 180 and the Italian Constitution / compulsory treatments / rights of citizenship inside and outside the mental health care, the consequences in stakeholders’ experiences.

Roots and testimonials

The anti-institutional movement  / testimonies’ lived experiences / critical issues of nowadays and of the past /  the value of transformation for all involved subjects /  associationism and social cooperation

International influence of Italian reform

Dissemination of ideas of Law 180 / abolition of psychiatric hospitals /  reforms in other countries / comparison with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
Towards a new wave of reforms in Europe / The alliance of the South European Countries (Spain, Portugal, France, Greece) and other countries on the way

Friday 22nd June – Hrs 9.00 – 18.00

Franca e Franco Basaglia Theatre – Simultaneous transaltion available


State of the Services

A review of what has been achieved and what has yet to be done / opinions of stakeholders and of those who are outside the psychiatry-related field

For a new community welfare

Right to work, to home, to sociality through experiences of participatory welfare / assisted and independent living /  caring cities and welcoming communities

De-institutionalization today and the network of good practices in Italy and worldwide

Experiences in Europe: towards a common document for governments / Is deinstitutionalization in middle and low-income countries possible? / Commitments of NGOs and foundations / Today’s experiences in Italy outside of mental health care/  mental health in prison and in the Forensic Units /  The topic  of restraint, of migrants, of new marginalities

Saturday 23rd June – Hrs 9.00 – 13.00

Franca e Franco Basaglia Theatre – Simultaneous transaltion  not available

Towards a Community Mental Health Care

A common pathway

The experiences of cooperators, people and their associations

About Communication

How to talk about mental health (and not  about psychiatry) /  New overviews on Trieste Declaration / The role of mass media

The Future

Policies and laws, innovative movements and practices.

Towards a new law for the “application” of Law 180?


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